Hammer Down Mineral Attractant
Hammer Down Mineral Attractant

Hammer Down Mineral Attractant

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This season Hammer them big Whitetails with Hammer Down Mineral and Attractant. The guys at Nose Down Scents have partnered with EarthQuake Outdoors and prepared a blend of minerals that will make healthier deer and maximize antler growth at the same time!

Deer will come back over and over to get this irresistible blend of minerals then you just lay the Hammer Down on Old Sad Daddy


Rake back the leaves and cover ground in a well known deer travel area to make a deer lick also pour over rotten stumps as well 


7lb bag loose mineral 

 Gauranteed Analysis 

Calcium 23-24.5 %          Selenium  6.600ppm

Salt 20-21.5%                   Zinc 880.203ppm

Copper 288.248 ppm        Iron 47.779 min

Phosphorus 4%               Maganese   881.743 ppm min

Sulfur 007 ppm                Vitamin A 60.000LU/LB

Vitamin D 24.000lu/lb           Vitamin E 300.00 lu/lb